Turn your Figma designs
into image templates

Use our official Figma plugin to create beautiful image templates and share them with others.

A better way to create templates

Are you tired of sending Figma (or Photoshop!) template files to your clients? Or having to deal with subpar editors?

With Voulez you can now use the full power of Figma to design beautiful and versatile image templates, using all Figma features like Auto Layout. Making the generation of new assets as simple as filling out a form.

Design in Figma

Many of the worlds greatest designers already use Figma to prototype and create amazing products. Instead of sending those files to your customers, you can now turn them into templates and share a simple form.

Many field types

Voulez supports many field types: text, textarea, date, time, datetime and images. With many more to come.

Different text styles

Use the full power of Figma to design beautiful and versatile image templates, including features like Auto Layout.

Custom images

Let users upload images, but require them to be in a specific aspect ratio.

Share with others

Using the official Voulez plugin for Figma, you can turn your Figma designs into a template in just a few clicks.

A simple form

Generating new images based on your template is now as easy as filling out a form.

One template, multiple assets

Generate assets for every platform you need to support(e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc.) in a single click.

Your own portal

Share your templates with your colleagues or customers, either directly in the application, or using a white-labeled portal.
template form

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Coming soon
A powerful API

Build capable integrations and automate your marketing with our powerful API, coming soon.

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Check out our docs

Check out our detailed documentation to learn how you can start to build and share templates with your customers today.