Field types

Last modified on January 27th, 2023

To make your templates as dynamic as possible, Voulez supports a variety of different field types to use.


The text field is the most common field, it’s used for when you need text that is not too long.

Some examples would be names, titles, tags, etc. When using Figma templates, Text fields support different text styles.


The Textarea field is needed when text can get a bit longer, e.g. for paragraphs, snippets of code, or quotes.

When using with Figma templates, it also supports different text styles.

Date and time fields

There are different date and time fields:

  • Date: supports selecting a single date, without time
  • Datetime: date and time
  • Time: just time, no date

The type of field you are choosing decides what the users of your template can select in the date/time picker.


When defining a date/time field in a template, you have to specify a format which should be used. Please see the following table of which formats are supported:

UnitPatternResult examples
GGGGAnno Domini, Before Christ
Calender yeary44, 1, 1900, 2017
yo44th, 1st, 0th, 17th
yy44, 01, 00, 17
yyy044, 001, 1900, 2017
yyyy0044, 0001, 1900, 2017
QuarterQ1, 2, 3, 4
Qo1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
QQ01, 02, 03, 04
QQQQ1, Q2, Q3, Q4
QQQQ1st quarter, 2nd quarter
MonthM1, 2, …, 12
Mo1st, 2nd, …, 12th
MM01, 02, …, 12
MMMJan, Feb, …, Dec
MMMMJanuary, February, …, December
J, F, …, D
Week of yearw1, 2, …, 53
wo1st, 2nd, …, 53th
ww01, 02, …, 53
Day of monthd1, 2, …, 31
do1st, 2nd, …, 31st
dd01, 02, …, 31
AM, PMa..aaAM, PM
aaaam, pm
aaaaa.m., p.m.
a, p
Hour [1-12]h1, 2, …, 11, 12
ho1st, 2nd, …, 11th, 12th
hh01, 02, …, 11, 12
Hour [0-23]H0, 1, 2, …, 23
Ho0th, 1st, 2nd, …, 23rd
HH00, 01, 02, …, 23
Minutem0, 1, …, 59
mo0th, 1st, …, 59th
mm00, 01, …, 59
Seconds0, 1, …, 59
so0th, 1st, …, 59th
00, 01, …, 59


Boolean fields are currently only available for web templates.

They can have one of two states: true or false, on or off. They might be useful if you have certain conditions, e.g. “show this additional information”.


A number field. Supports all numbers, currently no constraints can be defined.


List fields are currently only available for web templates.

Use a dynamic-sized list of text elements, e.g. for tags or authors.


When defining an image parameter, you have to option to also specify a fixed aspect-ratio. This way, the user has to deliberately crop their uploaded image.

If you have multiple presets for different platforms in your template it makes sense to define the image parameter for every preset itself, just so you can make sure it has the correct crop.