Creating your first customer

Last modified on September 10th, 2022

In Voulez you can create accounts for your agency’s customers. This way you can share templates with them.

To create your first customer, first make sure that you already have an organization. If you don’t create one first. Go to the customers page and click “Create new customer“.

Fill in the name and email address(es)

For “whitelisted email addresses” add every email address that should be able to sign in to the account and use the provided templates. This can also be wildcard email addresses (*@example.com), this way every address that ends with “@example.com” is automatically allowed to sign in. This can be very useful if you want every employee of a certain company to have access.

Your customer can the sign up on your own portal (“usevoulez.com/c/yourcompany”) using an email address that you whitelisted. They don’t have to set a password but instead get sent a magic link to their inbox with which they can sign in.