Templates Just Got Better

Max Gfeller Published on October 6th, 2022

I just shipped an update to Voulez templates, and I think you will love it!

In my last blog post, I detailed how Voulez can be used to develop templates for simple content strategies using just web technologies. Since then, things got a little bit easier.

Platform list

No more searching for the right dimensions of the platforms you’re developing for, the new Platform Chooser has them all. And if not, please drop us a line, and we’ll include it!

Using the “Custom” type, you can still define dimensions just as you like them.

Preset parameters

Until right now, there were only global parameters in Voulez. With this new update, we’re introducing Preset parameters that can be specifically defined for separate presets.

One important use case for that is images. With image parameters, you can specify a fixed aspect ratio. However, you probably want to use different ratios for the different image dimensions. Or completely different images for different platforms!

Another use case would be that you may want a bit more text on bigger images than on smaller ones. This is also possible with the new Preset parameters.

Here’s an example, the upper one is optimized for an Instagram post (square), and the one on the bottom is ready to be published to an Instagram story, both with correctly cropped images:

As of right now, Voulez is still in private beta. However, people on the waitlist get their invitations on a rolling basis. So, if you’ve thought about giving Voulez a try (no strings attached) – sign up for the waitlist today!