Figma Templates Are Here

Max Gfeller Published on November 6th, 2022

Voulez enables agencies, designers, developers, creatives, and many more to create and share templates for images that can be used everywhere, with their main use case being social media images.

The goal of Voulez is that its users can use the tools they already work with to create templates – no need to compromise on a sub-par editor.

Up until now, templates could only be built with web technologies – which works great for those who already design and implement websites. But it also meant that most designers could not use the tool themselves. This changes today with the newly added Figma templates!

Turn Figma files into templates

A lot of design work on the web these days happens in Figma. It is used to create logos and banners, design websites, and create social media images. A lot of companies are using Figma to collaborate on the design process.

We added a new feature to Voulez that lets you upload your existing Figma designs and turn them into templates. Here’s a little demo:

You can choose one or multiple frames from your Figma file, which then will be used as presets. In every one of those, you can select the layers you want to parameterize: right now it will work with both text and image layers.

For image layers, you can specify a fixed aspect ratio and users of your template will be able to crop their uploaded images so they fit your criteria. For text layers, you can turn them into date and time fields, too.

Learn more about how you can create Figma templates here.

Share with customers

You’ll be able to try out new templates in the Playground. If you want, you can choose to share those templates with your customers using a white-labeled portal.

Customers will be able to see all the templates you have provided for them and can start to create new projects off of them.

Ready for beta users

Voulez is currently in a private beta phase, and all signed-up users can start to create Figma templates from today.

If you are not yet signed up but would like to try it out, make sure to sign up for the waitlist. New invitations are sent out on a rolling basis.