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Create stunning social media templates

Use web technologies and existing design systems to build nice-looking and easy-to-use templates for your clients.

Maximum flexibility
Build templates with code

With Voulez you can build image templates the exact same way you build responsive websites - because they technically are. This way you can leverage existing design systems and component libraries.

Image of code Resulting blog cover image
For every channel
One template, multiple presets

For every template you create on Voulez you can create a list of different presets. This way you can easily generate assets for every social media channel all at once.

Twitter social image
Twitter (800x800)
Facebook social image
Facebook (1200x600)
Instagram story image
Instagram Story (600x1200)
For your customers
Easy to use forms

Every template automatically gets an easy-to-use form that your customers can use to create images to their liking.


November 7th, 2022

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